In Greek mythology, Terpsichore was one of the nine Muses, the muse of dance and dramatic chorus. She is usually depicted seated, holding a lyre.

She is sometimes referred to as the mother of the Sirens. Her name derives from the verb "terpo" (delight) and the noun "choros" (dance).

Suite Terpsichore is 25 m2.

It is located on the third floor. Its large terrace overlooks the swimming pool of the mansion, where once was a garden, the rooftops of the houses of the the old city, the fortress of Fortezza and the minaret. It can accommodate 2 persons.

In this suite, once a bedroom of the house, there are touches of stone on the walls, and paintings to illustrate the space aesthetics.

The last detail is the canopy bed draped in delicate muslins.

In the bathroom there is an easy to use hydromassage shower cabin, for a relaxing massage.