Euterpe in Greek mythology was one of the nine Muses, daughters of Mnemosyne, and Zeus.

Called the "Giver of delight", when later poets assigned roles to each of the Muses, she was the muse of music.

In late Classical times she was named muse of lyric poetry and depicted holding a flute.

A few say she invented the aulos or double-flute, though most mythographers credit Marsyas with its invention.

The river god Strymon impregnated Euterpe; her son Rhesus led a band of Thracians and was killed by Diomedes at Troy, according to Homer's Iliad. Suite Euterpe is 27 m2 and can accommodate 2 persons in a king size bed.

During the occupation of the house by the family of Joseph Chobitis this room was the main dining room of the house, which was open only on special occasions or for special guests.

The ceiling had been painted by the finest craftsmen of that period, who had come from Venice.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts made to maintain ceiling paintings, the ravages of time didn't allow it.

It is located on the second floor and from the balcony one can see the paved street of St. Barbara, a traditional alley of the Old Town, where is the church of St. Barbara, patron saint of the town of Rethymnon, the public library and the Cathedral.

The stone walls have been maintained, although the 3-meter windows and the 2.5-meter chandelier with Swarovski crystals give a more modern feel.

The canopy bed draped in delicate white muslins, creates a romantic atmosphere.

In the spacious bathroom there is an easy to use, shell-shaped whirlpool bathtub to provide relaxation and wellness.