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The 80s, in the house of our grandfather and grandmother.

Shouting, laughter and play in the rooms of the house and then the gathering in the dining room. Uncles, aunts, cousins, everyone gathered around the family table on Sunday. Set with the embroidered tablecloth and the fine chinaware, full of smells and aromas of foods and desserts of our  grandmother, Antigoni.

In the  afternoon grandpa sits in his armchair , having  little Sifis on his lap telling him  true war stories . Over there, grandma tells Antigoni tales and recipes eating hot slices of bread with homemade apricot jam.

Sweet and tender moments that we lived in this house full of love, joy, care, warmth, and rest.

In the 90s Mary was born. Chasing games along the corridor, shouting, mischief, and the crying and laughter of the baby.

Unforgettable moments, full of emotion and nostalgia.

What we would like to do is to share all these moments and  feelings with you.

"Welcome to our home"
 Antigoni, Joseph and Mary Chobitis.

Antica Dimora Suites

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