Polyhymnia, in Greek mythology, was the muse of sacred hymn and eloquence.

She was the muse of hymns or songs that were sung to honor the gods and heroes. Her name derives from the Greek words "poly"= "many," and "hymnos" = "praise" or "hymn". She was the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne.

She was always depicted as if possessed by some deep thinking. She is a very serious woman, pensive and thoughtful, often holding her finger to her mouth, dressed in a long cloak and veil and resting her elbow on a pillow.

During the last centuries of the Roman Empire she was considered the protector of mime art. She is also sometimes accredited as being the Muse of geometry, meditation and agriculture.

Suite Poly hymnia is 25 m2.

It is located on the second floor. Its large terrace overlooks the swimming pool of the mansion, where once was a garden, and the rooftops of the houses of the old city. It can accommodate 2 persons in a king size canopy bed draped in delicate muslins.

This suite once was the bedroom of Joseph and Julia Chobitis.

The stone arches which have been maintained on the walls, the iron balcony with carved designs, the wonderful view and the flower pots, bring to mind memories of the glory of a bygone era.

In the bathroom there is an easy to use whirlpool bathtub, to provide relaxation and wellness.