She was the muse of lyric poetry and hymns. She was considered the protector of marriage and love.

She is still considered the inventor of dance, hymns to the gods and patron of poetry in general.

Her main symbol was the lyre, but also the Cithara (an ancient Greek musical instrument in the lyre family).

She was portrayed standing and sometimes almost completely naked. Muse Erato invented the love poems, marriage, poetry, music and the dialect method.

Erato's name derives from the verb "eresthai" and the word "eros" which means "love".

She was painted wearing a wreath of roses, holding a lyre and the bow of love.

Suite Erato is 35 m2 and it is located on the second floor.

Its balcony is over bustling "Ethnikis Antistaseos str.", a commercial street of the old city and it can accommodate up to 3 persons.

This is the most historical place of the house, as in the living room of the suite was the study and the bookcase of Joseph Chobitis, where important decisions were made and meetings took place for the liberation of Crete.

In the place where the bedroom is now, the family with their guests used to have their meals.

The lounge of the suite which can comfortably accommodate the third person has a classic character.

the Swarovski crystal chandelier, the carving edging on the ceiling and the marble floor with decorative features give the space a touch of elegance.

The bedroom with the canopy bed draped in delicate white muslins and the paintings on the walls create a romantic yet royal air atmosphere.

In the bathroom there is an easy to use whirlpool bathtub, to provide relaxation and wellness.